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Our Values

Our values are massively important to us, not only because they provide the firm foundations to the way we work, but also because we believe our work should be worthwhile. We want it to make a difference to our clients. We want to be able to look back on each project and take pride in every outcome. And we believe that if we can do that, you’ll also be proud to say that you’ve worked with us.

Integrity means doing the right thing, even if that’s harder or takes longer, and we’ll always go the extra mile when needed. It means you can expect that everything we do comes from the highest of intentions and that the effort we put in will be sincere. Equally, it means we won’t work on a project if we don’t feel it’s a good fit for our people, our skills or our ethics; as great work comes from a great working chemistry.

We hope this goes without saying, but it would be remiss of us if we didn’t hold creativity up as the North Star of our business. But ‘doing’ creativity is more than doodling. As designers, we’re always ‘switched on’ to new ideas and new solutions; discovering influences, innovations and connections. It’s that constant thinking, assessing and exploring which allows us to bring something new to every project and solution we work on.

We firmly believe trust is the key to every human relationship - and that goes for businesses too. As design is creative and subjective, the client / designer relationship needs plenty of trust and open communication. 

Trust means that you can be sure we’ll uphold our values. It means our advice and expertise is offered because we see value in it and hope that you do, too. And equally, your feedback on us and our work is always taken in the spirit of improvement. Trust means we don’t need to question each other’s motives and can get on with doing work to the highest standard possible, safe in the knowledge that every decision along the way is made for the right reasons.

Quite simply, we love what we do. Wild things allows us to put our heart and soul into every piece of design work we produce. It means that we always care, not just about the outcome, but about the people we work with and how our work can impact their lives and that of their customers. 

Bit dramatic? We don’t think so - if we design a logo that lasts a lifetime, then we have influenced a business, the lives of the people working in that business, and the customers who use that business, for decades. That’s why we invest so much energy and fire into what we do. 

One of the driving forces behind the creation of Wild things was our desire to work closely and in harmony with our clients, rather than for them. This means listening, interacting, working side-by-side, and bouncing ideas off each other. You know your business and your market better than we do. And we should know the world of design and how to implement it effectively better than you. Working side-by-side and collaborating on a deeper level, we’re able to get to the best of both experiences. 

That extends to the way we work with partners, too. We’re very aware of our specialisms and equally where we need to bring in other-experts - which is why we’re creating a partner programme, allowing us to collaborate with the widest possible eco-system of complementary services and skills. It means you can get our hand-picked expertise to meet any need and to scale alongside your business. We only work with partners we know well and can trust to uphold our own values. 

Life is too short to be playing games. You deserve better, and so do we. We’ll always be clear and open about our charges, with timesheets on every project to back them up. Because nobody wants nasty surprises.

If we make a mistake, we’ll own up to it, apologise, and move heaven and earth to fix things.  And if we do disagree on something, we’ll find a solution without digging our heads in the sand. It’s a proactive and honest approach, because if you’re going to trust your brand to someone, it should be a partner, not a contractor.

Our values also form our service promise. When you work with us, you can be sure that every decision we make along the way has our values in mind. 

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