Brand, Web and Digital Design for Established and Growing SMEs in Milton Keynes

Your brand is more powerful than you realise. We'll help you unleash its potential.

We create successful new brands and help established brands level-up to create meaningful connections with customers at every stage of their journey with you.

We do this by combining a clearly defined strategy, a logical development process, and creative vision, leading to brand design that 'feels' as good as it looks.

Some of the great brands we've worked with...

Brand design for design for MTDCNCBrand design for HomebaseBrand design for Stamford DigitalBrand design for Bait-Tech

A core understanding of how a brand makes someone feel is at the heart of Wild things' approach.

Whilst good design can get a message across, it's only ever a conduit to help establish a much deeper connection. To really have an effect, one must consider a brand's application across every level of an organisation's activities.

That's exactly what we do for many SMEs that approach us for help with with developing their brand. In every case we take a step back to consider the bigger picture. How is a brand experienced? What does it mean to its customers? How does it make them feel, and why?

Through this approach, we become acutely aware of what we can do to position a brand in exactly the right way. To resonate with those people, and become synonymous with their shared values.

In the 'real world' this means every brand we develop, every brand we help to update, refresh or reposition, we do so from the strongest possible foundation of understanding. We infuse that knowledge and experience into a number of design disciplines from logo and visual identity design, website design, user experience and interaction design, through to social, marketing, advertising and even the humble Powerpoint Deck.

In short, we believe it would be hard to find an agency better positioned to help evolve and strengthen your brand through clever strategy and fresh, creative design.

"We approached Wild things to help us evolve Stamford Digital's brand. Denise excellently interpreted our rebranding brief, and then delivered. The final solution has enabled us to promote Stamford Digital strongly across all of our marketing channels."

– Tim Baker
Managing Director, Stamford Digital

"Talented, fun, devil may care kind of attitude but ALWAYS nails the brief and over delivers in terms of creative genius and a real joy to work with. Denise is always willing to go the extra mile, and brings a classy kind of poise and guile to her work."

– Barry Flaherty
Global Business Development & Alliances, Jitterbit

"Denise delivers superb creative flair, infused with extensive end-user, market and technical considerations. Denise always demonstrates great intuition and balanced viewpoints, grounded by her commercial experience and cultural awareness, making her a thorough and decisive strategist."

– James Tayler
Creative Director, Tayler Made

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A little more about Wild things...

  • 25 years experience designing new brands, and developing established brands across a range of sectors
  • Emphasis on collaboration - we work *with* our clients, not for them
  • Holistic approach – We design everything to reflect and grow your brand's personality from the outset
  • Member of the NatWest Entrepreneur Accelerator programme