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Developing a Brand for Growth - Stamford Digital

Stamford Digital approached us to rework their logo and develop their visual identity to help with their plans to grow into a leading web development and content agency.

The Client

Stamford Digital – Making Digital Better: Designing Websites, Apps and Content for Successful Businesses, Lincolnshire

The Challenge

Aiming to grow their business as a leading web development and content agency, Stamford Digital were looking to develop their visual identity. They approached Wild things to consider their visual artefacts – not only their logo, but colour scheme, typeface, business cards, social profiles and even tone of voice.

It was essential that the new design should work effectively in a variety of settings and through different media.

Our Solution

Building on our knowledge of the team at Stamford Digital, their services and the aims of the company – we were able to create a graphic device that would do exactly what they wanted.

The logo design we developed, reflects pixels blending from one colour to another – as if showing a transfer from the bespoke code of their solutions to the well-crafted final solution the client or customer sees. The shape of the logo is a clear but simplified representation of the letters SD of Stamford Digital.

Careful consideration was given to how this design would work in any number of scenarios. The design works at very small sizes, and a ‘one-colour’ logo - where the pixels are semi-transparent – creates the same effect for situations where monochrome designs are needed.

Animation of the logo was also a major consideration; this was obviously essential for a digital company. For Stamford Digital the animation shows the cycling of the pixel elements through the primary colours of the design – an effect which enhancing the logo incredibly effectively.

These logo combinations and assets have supported the growth of Stamford Digital, building effective and comprehensive branding to help promote them wherever their presence is needed.

Our Results

“We approached Denise to help us evolve Stamford Digital's brand. She is an incredibly talented creative who has a fantastic digital skill-set. Denise excellently interpreted our rebranding brief, and then delivered a solution on time and on budget. The final solution has enabled us to promote Stamford Digital strongly across all of our marketing channels. Thank you for your hard work.”

Tim Baker, Managing Director – Stamford Digital

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