Our Work

Getting Paperwork Moving – Intuitive Design for the Paperwrk Mobile App

Wireframing and design for the Paperwrk Trk mobile app. An application designed to help freelancers and contractors manage their availability for bookings and timesheet approval.

The Client

Paperwrk – The smart app making sureyou get paid on time, Milton Keynes.

The Challenge

Having worked as freelancers for many years, we helped develop Paperwrk - designing and creating an app which would manage timesheets and payments for contractors and small businesses.

Knowing that late payment is a huge problem for freelancers and small businesses, we wanted to provide a service with a great user experience (UX) – intuitive and quick – and a simple, clear user interface (UI).

Speed and simplicity are essential atevery step of the lifecycle for the app. We were aware that bringing users onboard needed to be as quick and easy as possible, traditionally this can be atime-consuming and difficult process and we wanted to ensure it was hassle-freefor everyone.

Our Solution

Using Paperwrk to manage time-logging and invoicing should make the freelancers life easier. It is essential,therefore, that the app itself should be clear, effective and reliable. The work we did to develop the user interface for a positive user experience, was an essential part of the overall design of the app.

The idea behind Paperwrk is to enable fast and simple time logging for the freelancer or contractor, with easy submission to those managing their payments. Submitting timesheets at the month, or contract, end is handled by the technology within the app; this then alerts the receiving client enabling fast efficient review and approval.    

Developing the tone for the brand, as well as the look and feel for the solution, meant considering the wireframing, processing and development of each individual screen for a coherent and effective solution.

Our Results

"Denise’s vision for Paperwrk has resulted in an extremely strong and exciting brand which would be the envy of many other startups and has led to multiple investment opportunities.”

– Neil Wooding, Founder and CEO - Paperwrk

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