Our Work

Bait-Tech, a brand for the future

By repositioning their brand, we helped Bait-Tech innovate in a traditional sector, with a fresh perspective and great design.

The Client

Bait-Tech, Angling Bait Solutions

The Challenge

Bait-Tech were a successful bait supply company who realised change was needed to improve their position for thefuture. Recognising the opportunities available, a decision was made to change the focus of their marketing by concentrating on a new generation of anglers.

Our Solution

By exploring Bait-Tech’s market and competitors we chose to focus on a change of positioning, making the most of advantages and opportunities that weren’t being maximised.

Bait-Tech’s Managing Director shared a clear vision of an inclusive and family-orientated activity, stepping away froma more traditional and somewhat outdated vision of angling which had been the norm in the past.

Bringing younger generations into the sport was key for Bait-Tech, prompting our new strapline ‘Inspiring Anglers forGenerations’ to be adopted throughout the company’s marketing.

Consistency in the messaging of the brand andcreating a vision which was appealing outside the usual angling circles were recognised to be the main drivers behind the rebrand.

Our Results

Along with the strapline, we proposed a simplified and more consistent messaging strategy which would encompass all digital channels – including social and email marketing as well as the updated website.

We also created new design concepts which worked in harmony with this updated language, creating a complete package to be used throughout the company.

New strapline developed to convey Bait-Tech's mission statement
Design System Booklet to promote consistency of brand assets
Design System Booklet to promote consistency of brand assets
New website design
Selection of 'camo' background patterns used to differentiate product sectors
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