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Design for Marketing & Digital

How much marketing do you see in your digital life? Social media ads on Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn? Promotional ads on YouTube? Your digital TV? Screens in the street? Corporate newsletters on email?

It’s not just getting harder to get noticed, there are ever more places you need to be seen.

And since no business can afford to be everywhere, we think that one of the values of great design is to help you get noticed in the places where you do promote, advertise or participate.

We create everything from social media post templates to style guides, advertising (digital or print) to brochures, PowerPoint to prospectuses. And we have an expert team of further talent to call on, including photographers, picture researchers, content writers and animators.

But it’s not just about creativity. Everything we do considers the user – because effective marketing is ultimately about the customer. Putting the user first means thinking about their eyeline – where they will look and in what order. How we add deeper information and what we expect them to do. More important than anything is how we make the customer feel (ideally your brand and visual identity has already laid some of the groundwork here). 

We’ve refined our user experience insight across over 20 years, staying on top of trends in a changing world, keeping the best and discarding the rest. Get in touch to see how we can give you marketing materials that break through and add real value.

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