Wild things open for Collaboration

We're LIVE! Welcome to the new Wild things website. Here's a quick introduction to our plans.

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Denise Pope
November 2019
Wild things open for Collaboration

Hello! Thanks for stopping by and welcome to the wonder that is Wild things. A brand new collaborative design agency, which we feel is going to be a bit different to other creative agencies.

Why? Firstly, we believe the 'traditional' full-service creative model is dead. The large ones serve their multinationals well – but there's been huge consolidation in that space in recent years. The smaller agencies are facing increased saturation and competition from the terrible low-cost online solutions (trust us, the quality just isn't there, and never can be at that level). Which leaves the middle-ground.

Now, traditionally this has been a good sector to be in, but there's still a fight to be the biggest, to offer the broadest solutions possible, to be be 'full-service', and with that comes pressure on having a wide-range of in-house skillsets and the management structure to support that. When it works, that's great – but when it doesn't, we find those teams are less agile, less available, and there's a distinct separation between creative, business, and client collaboration.

That's not what I want for Wild things. Over the last six months I've realised that the exact kind of collaboration mentioned above, is the thing that I most want Wild things to address. Which is why we're not hiring right now, and have no aim of hiring a big team and growing too big for our small but beautifully designed boots.

We're going to concentrate on what we're best at – which is incredibly good brand, website and app design, thinking about customer experience, and working closely with our clients. And we're going to partner with experts when we think they can genuinely add value, care, and attention to detail in a specialist area. Whether that's marketing, video, photography, social, or development, we're building a network of partners to fill in any gaps we feel need to be filled.

We have a few in mind already, and we're excited to introduce them on our new Partners page which will be coming to the website soon.

In the meantime – we're working on some exciting brand and website design projects, and we look forward to beginning this new adventure with our existing clients, and welcoming new clients to Wild things over the next few weeks.

Wish us luck!

Thanks for reading!
Denise Pope

About the author

Denise Pope
Founder and Creative Director

Denise is Founder and Creative Director of Wild things. After seven years as a freelance designer, Denise set up Wild things in 2019 to offer transformational design ideas for branding, website and UX projects to SMEs and Tech Startups. Her commercial experience over 23 years includes setting up two creative agencies, founding two tech startups, and stints working with creative and digital agencies in the local area, leading design projects from concept to completion. Denise's influence over Wild things' vision and values include providing world-class quality in our work, with a keen eye towards attention to detail, character, and integrity.