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Why Wild things? And why now?

What's in a name anyway? On the eve of launching Wild things I wanted to explain how it came about, why I decided to create a new agency right now, and how it came to be named Wild things.

Why Wild things? And why now?

What's in a name anyway? On the eve of launching Wild things I wanted to explain how it came about, why I decided to create a new agency right now, and how it came to be named Wild things.

Wild things
Denise Pope
October 2019
Why Wild things? And why now?

Not another agency! Hell yeah... we going for it. Again!

After setting up and ultimately leaving two other creative agencies in the past (both of which are still going strong), I was actually quite comfortable in my own little freelance world. I was doing fantastic work, with great people and clients, I felt very comfortable, and could easily have continued in that vein.

But something was missing. I remember how much I enjoyed building those two agencies a few years ago, but in each case it was clear they got too big too quickly. No matter how well managed, larger teams take more time and energy, and it becomes less about the work, and more about the business – and in each case, I felt I had less and less input into working with clients directly and being able to let the creativity and ideas lead – and that was always felt somewhat uncomfortable.

Being freelance gave me back that creative freedom, to take a few risks, knowing full well that in working directly with my clients, I could challenge their expectations and explain some of the choices I felt they should be making.

‍This made me realise that most of all, I enjoy the process of collaboration, as much as I enjoy getting stuck into the design process.

Amongst this, I applied for the NatWest Entrepreneur Accelerator programme. I knew of its impact from my experience with Paperwrk, but didn’t expect to get in of my own accord. I put a lot of effort into trying to pitch the type of agency I thought they'd want to support – and at one point I was asked "What makes you different from any other agency?"

Which is a really good question, if not a slightly scary one to have to answer on the spot. Which I did, but I was never really convinced by my answer at the time.

Nevertheless, I think my sense determination and passion (we'll call it fire and will come back to it in a second) somehow won-through on the day.

So I knew I wanted to start a new agency. And I knew I wanted it to be more collaborative, more open and transparent – but also fast moving, more agile than my past agencies had become.

Next came the name. The brand. The glue that would hold this concept together into something that would become instantly recognisable. 

I was asked recently – by another programme member – how to come up with a new brand name, for any company. I’d not actually given this much thought before – it just tends to 'happen'. Bit of brainstorming, a bit of sideways logic, something's bound to come up.

But that's the thing. There's not always a science behind these things. That's the great thing about creative ideas. They really are wild things. Somewhat magical, etherial, slap-you-round-the-face obvious, sometimes. And I love that. I wanted to capture exactly that kind of thinking.

And that is ultimately where the name came from. So we've got the timing right, the name feels right (and lends itself to some brilliant branding and messaging opportunities), and the rationale for ‘why’ I’ve created a new agency.

I'm excited about the Wild things adventure. We get to help our clients build cool things, we get to craft some amazing ideas ideas with great care and attention to detail. We get to start fires (within certain health and safety parameters of course), and see how far they spread.

Just how far can Wild things go? There's only one way to find out...

Ideas are incredible things. From enabling us to achieve our goals, to reshaping the world. Ideas can be Wild things. Our aim is to help the brands we work with become as powerful as the ideas behind them.
Thanks for reading!
Denise Pope

About the author

Denise Pope
Founder and Creative Director

Denise is Founder and Creative Director of Wild things. After seven years as a freelance designer, Denise set up Wild things in 2019 to offer transformational design ideas for branding, website and UX projects to SMEs and Tech Startups. Her commercial experience over 23 years includes setting up two creative agencies, founding two tech startups, and stints working with creative and digital agencies in the local area, leading design projects from concept to completion. Denise's influence over Wild things' vision and values include providing world-class quality in our work, with a keen eye towards attention to detail, character, and integrity.