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Top 10 Podcasts to Listen to for Inspiration in Isolation

Interesting, educational, or entertaining, this list has something to tick any of those boxes.

Top 10 Podcasts to Listen to for Inspiration in Isolation

Interesting, educational, or entertaining, this list has something to tick any of those boxes.

Denise Pope
March 2020
Top 10 Podcasts to Listen to for Inspiration in Isolation

After remote working for a number of years, the value of a good Podcast is clear. Music is great for when you really need to focus and be in the flow. But a good Podcast can help time go a little quicker between jumping from task to task, and can help lesson the feeling of isolation if you tend to spend a lot of time working on your own.

Our selection of podcasts here are some of our regular favourites – and they're mostly chats between a couple of people, which we think is great for feeling as though you're part of the conversation. Here's the list, in no particular order:

1. Science(ish)
Listen to Science(ish) with Spotify

Science(ish) presented by Rick Edwards (former T4 presenter) and Dr Michael Brooks has long been a favourite. Each episode takes a view of a chosen movie or TV show and dissects some of the scientific concepts highlighted. Whether that's time-travel, the multiverse or the augmentation of technology with human beings, it's frequently fascinating and entertaining every time. And whilst it might sound like it's heavy on the science, it's always explained clearly and simply, without losing detail on any of the underlying principles.

2. All The Right Movies: A Movie Podcast
Listen to All The Right Movies: A Movie Podcast with Spotify

Get a load of Geordie lads in a room and give them a classic movie to discuss. That's it! It really helps that the movies they discuss are often generational favourites – Back to the Future, Aliens and Predator from the 80s. Pulp Fiction and Goodfellas from the 90s, and The Dark Night and Joker from more recent times, have all featured. It's full of behind the scenes facts background, and is a really easy-going listen that makes you want to see each movie again as you're listening.

3. Desert Island Discs
Listen to Desert Island Discs with Spotify

Who doesn't like Desert Island Discs? And if not, why not?! A show that has genuinely stood the test of time for decades, and perfectly suited to the podcast format. Personally I started listening when Kirsty Young took over, and I've enjoyed the switch to Lauren Laverne too. Often the 'least' well known guests are some of the most interesting, and often people I come to respect a huge amount for their achievements and approach through the stories they tell about their lives.

4. Full Disclosure with James O'Brien
Listen to Full Disclosure with James O'Brien with Spotify

James O'Brien has a really interesting interview style. He pushes where I think others probably wouldn't, and is certainly more opinionated as he talks to his guests, but I think that helps to get a deeper understanding of some of their discussion points. Most of his guests are from the world of entertainment. If you like his style it's worth looking out for his previous podcast called Unfiltered with James O'Brien on the JOE network.

5. Let's Talk Branding
Listen to Let's Talk Branding with Spotify

Let's Talk Branding delves into the deeper world of branding. The science and techniques behind creating and developing brands. I was really pleased when they featured Michael Johnson (founder of the very successful and respected Johnson Banks agency) who talked about branding with purpose. Something you can always get a feel of from the work they produce.

6. Ways to Change the World
Listen to Ways to Change the World with Spotify

Presented by Krishnan Guru-Murphy from Channel 4 news, this podcast always seems to be extremely timely, talking about issues that seem to be widely discussed in current affairs, with people that (seem to) really know what they're talking about.

7. The Afro Ndiritu Podcast
Listen to The Afro Ndiritu Podcast with Spotify

Afro is a fellow NatWest Entrepreneur Accelerator member and his podcast features discussions with many other hub members, talking about their businesses, what motivates them, and what it means to be a man in a society that is learning how to be less gender-biased than ever before. Afro has a really relaxed and positive conversation style, which leaves you feeling really motivated after listening.

8. The Adam Buxton Podcast
Listen to The Adam Buxton Podcast with Spotify

Worth listening to for the jingles alone. Adam Buxton from Adam and Joe is always entertaining, but more than that he's a properly good interviewer and has over the years had some really interesting guests including Louis Theroux who's always good value. Fantastic cultural references abound in this one, too.

9. Exposure Ninja Digital Marketing Podcast
Listen to Exposure Ninja Digital Marketing Podcast with Spotify

If we're ever after inspiration for tackling a specific digital marketing problem, this is the podcast we turn to. It's full of ideas and in-depth knowledge about some of the techniques behind social media, digital marketing, website design, SEO and conversion rate optimisation. It's all there.

10. The Human Conversation Podcast with Jules White
Listen to The Human Conversation Podcast with Spotify

Chances are if you run your own business in the Milton Keynes areas you'll know, or know of Jules White, a sales expert without being your typical sales person. Jules' podcast, features other small business owners and is a lovely listen for more relaxed conversations around business, sales and marketing for business owners.

That's it! I hope you've enjoyed some of these recommendations and perhaps even found something new and inspiring to listen to. And when this isolation phase blows over, you'll have something to continue listening to on your usual daily commute.

Thanks for reading!
Denise Pope

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Denise Pope
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