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8 things we achieved in our first 3 months

We are 3 (months)! Whilst not usually a grand milestone in a company's development, it prompted us to look back at what we've achieved in what feels like a very short space of time.

8 things we achieved in our first 3 months

We are 3 (months)! Whilst not usually a grand milestone in a company's development, it prompted us to look back at what we've achieved in what feels like a very short space of time.

Denise Pope
January 2020
8 things we achieved in our first 3 months

Time flies when you’re having fun! And working hard too, obviously. As this week started it was hard to believe we’re about to head into our second quarter as Wild things.

It prompted a fair bit of reflection about the last 3 months and what we’ve achieved in that time. As that ‘list’ got larger, we thought it might be something worth documenting, if only so we don’t forget what an important and exciting period of time it’s been. In month 1 we started Wild things with an initial investment of around £2,000 and a LOT of time and energy.

Here are 8 things we’ve achieved since then:

1. Creating our Brand

We developed concepts for the Wild things brand and developed a set of design principles and visual styles to give us a foundation for the content we've produced since. This has created a huge amount of impact and awareness within and outside our existing network, and we couldn't be happier about how well the brand has been received.

2. Appreciating the value of our Values

We established our values which help to guide the way we work and our ongoing development. It would be really easy to say yes to everything – but we want to do good work, we want to work with good people, and we want our principles to be front and centre of how we operate. There's more about our values here, but the unwritten principle is simply 'dont be a dick', and we think that's a pretty straightforward way of defining it all in a nutshell.

3. Built our new website

We designed and built a complete website. Whilst much of the layout has been carried over from our previous incarnation, it's a brand new build on a new (to us) platform called Webflow. The speed of development was astonishing even whilst we were in the process of learning how to use the platform – and the technology behind the platform itself means the website’s speed and responsive behaviour (a site that looks good on mobile and desktop) has made an incredible difference to how quickly we've been able to expand the website, and improve our SEO standing, which is already page 1 for certain brand keywords, but we're working on improving our positioning for broader (and more competitive) keywords.

4 Established opportunities for skills improvement

We've identified a number of side-projects we'd like to develop aside from client work. These will A) extend our portfolio and B) provide learning and development opportunities for the team. We believe continuous improvement and adaptation to emerging trends is vital.

5 Implementing Sales and Workflow processes

We have established a sales and workflow process which means we're always able to schedule work quickly, and keep an eye on the next couple of months’ potential revenue. We're not sales experts, so defining this process and producing supporting material to back us up has been really important. It means our Collaboration Proposals look amazing, are detailed in their recommendations, and clear in communicating our abilities and expectations for the results we can achieve.

6 Delivered successful design projects

We've kicked off and completed a number of design and brand projects and successfully delivered work that has already exceeded our clients' expectations (and we think they were fairly high to begin with!).

7 Formed our first strategic partnership

We've announced our partnership with Stamford Digital – which will allow us to provide more technical web and app development expertise and increase our capability and capacity for larger projects. It was important to us that we didn't choose just any development company – but one that shares our values and work ethic, and in Stamford Digital, we know that's exactly what we’ve got.

8 Validated our approach by filming our happy clients

This led to our final major project of the quarter which was our Testimonials shooting day. Fully expecting this to be a nightmare, trying to arrange a number of clients to all be willing and available the same day was a daunting objective – but everything came together and we're excited to be adding the resulting Video testimonials to the site soon, and sharing some clips on our social media profiles. Special thanks to the team at Oomph Creative for their production expertise here.

It’s been an amazing few months for Wild things, and has far exceeded our expectations of what would be possible in that time being.

Our next few months promise to be just as exciting, if not more so. We have a number of events planned, we’re on the verge of growing our team, and we’ll continue to develop our relationships with our clients, partners and associates.

We hope you enjoy seeing our adventure as much as we enjoy being a part of it – and who knows, perhaps one day our paths will cross, whether to discuss a design project, or if you'd like to just pop by for a coffee and a catch-up. We’d love to see you. 

Thanks for reading!
Denise Pope

About the author

Denise Pope
Founder and Creative Director

Denise is Founder and Creative Director of Wild things. After seven years as a freelance designer, Denise set up Wild things in 2019 to offer transformational design ideas for branding, website and UX projects to SMEs and Tech Startups. Her commercial experience over 23 years includes setting up two creative agencies, founding two tech startups, and stints working with creative and digital agencies in the local area, leading design projects from concept to completion. Denise's influence over Wild things' vision and values include providing world-class quality in our work, with a keen eye towards attention to detail, character, and integrity.